Well its here, and everyone thinks that Portal 2 is jolly good, and by everyone, of course I mean everyone who isn’t rubbish, there are a few people who seem to be trying to hate on it with their very own brand of venom but from my limited experience of the first 10 levels or so they wouldn’t recognise a good game if it stepped on their face. Valve have managed to capture the atmosphere, charm and humour of the original while keeping the gameplay fun and interesting,  If you haven’t tried it yet you definitely should because you don’t want to be rubbish do you?

Also of note, Relic are releasing the 3 player coop portion of Dawn of War 2: Retribution, titled Last Standalone which is available for a budget price on Steam and allows players access to just that part of the game. If at a later date you decide to purchase the full game you will get a discount naturally.

Finally, Prey 2 developer Human Head Studios have been talking about the sequel which was recently announced. It seems the new game will feature a new protagonist rather than continue the story of Tommy the Native American from the original game. Also gone is his unique spirit walking mode and apparently the portals won’t be making an appearance either. All this seems a bit of a let down considering those were the primary identifying features that made Prey the game it was.

However there is some intriguing information relating to an open world, set on an alien planet where you play as a bounty hunter in a Read Dead Redemption style game given freedom to be nice or be an asshat to your heart’s content as you hunt down bounties and traverse the environment in various way.  There is also some mention that at some point you may encounter Tommy so there may yet be some story continuity to tie the games together.