New Trailer for the delayed, delayed again redesigned, delayed, delayed some more, swapped developers, delayed and soon to be released Duke Nukem Forever. Featuring plenty of action, boobs, monster trucks and…apparently toilet fun.

You know I can totally see why breasts are highly marketable, I can see why strippers with breasts get top marks from everyone and why a chauvinistic sexist muscle-bound “All American” hero in sunglasses can be appealing. If I try really hard I can even see why they put the option to pee into a urinal. Let’s face it, toilets and bathrooms are in many games and apart from Fallout 3/New Vegas toilets being a source of water they mostly served no purpose, so I can accept making them functional at an attempt at humour is ok…but why…why can you throw feces? What part of manly action hero that objectifies women and kicks alien ass needs to go THERE?

Clearly, the game is destined for greatness regardless of how great it is and Fox News will get at least two experts who haven’t ever played a game and have no clue what ESRB means to cite how the game is encouraging rape, murder and deflowering of innocent females. So I better buy a copy, purely to ensure one less box of this sick filth is on the shelves you understand.