I’ve been watching Game Of Thrones on Sky Atlantic recently, it’s  a new TV series based on a novel written by George R.R. Martin. I won’t pretend to know who that is but it seems he is  a well liked fantasy, horror and sci-fi writer.

It’s a story about two kingdoms and an usurped king trying to reclaim his throne from the usurper from across the continents by marrying his sister to a local tribal leader with an army powerful enough to invade and reclaim the throne. Meanwhile the current king seeks out his old friend a lord guarding a northern ice wall against all manner of nasty beasts and supernatural enemies to become his “hand of the king” basically the man who does the kings will, something the last guy was murdered for apparently.

There are various other  storylines working within the overarching plot  such as incest, murder, arranged marriage and political maneuvering. I have watched three episodes so far and while I was initially unsure due to its pacing it is growing on me with each new episode as I learn more about the characters and their stories.

It’s a fantasy drama but as with several other more recent dramas such as Spartacus & Dead Walking  it doesn’t shy away from showing flesh and gore when it wants to. It appears high budget which is something more and more tv series are becoming and attracting more recognisable actors and actresses along with it. Some of the well known hollywood actors include Sean Bean, Mark Addy, Charles Dance  & Lena Headey.

The majority of the cast is british or european and if I may say that tends to be the most convincing way to do any high fantasy tv or movie work. I don’t know what it is but there are few American actors/actresses that can truly be convincing as knights, soldiers or royalty in a medieval style setting.

I would recommend catching up on the series if you haven’t already been watching, it promises much if the quality of the acting and storyline continues.