Shack News has an interview with the director of Relics upcoming Warhammer 40,000 action game titled Space Marine. It’s a good read and details some of the design decisions around how the game came about and how they strived to make it feel like “40K” rather than say its pretenders such as Gears of War.

Some of the answers reveal details such as the lack of a cover system, something Space Marines don’t use because that’s why they have power armour of course! Also mention of requiring you to be aggressive in order to regain health called “Fury”  since there’s no option to retreat and heal up you have to kill enemies to survive…which I actually find appealing since it’s the kind of activity everyone wants to be doing anyway and should increase the intensity of combat since you have to be committed there’s no backing out. I’m wondering what kind of difficulty balance there will be though, its seems like a tricky thing to get right considering you are always in combat and your health is presumably always taking a knock. As much as I would love an armour system that allows your armour to deflect some incoming fire or melee attacks I suspect it won’t be that complex.

I really hope this game is well received, Relic is a well respected real-time strategy developer but they are on shaky ground with 3rd person action titles and console games (like it or not Space Marine is a console game that Relic decided to release for PC aswell after PC fans expressed unhappiness at being left out). If the game does well with THQ the owner of Relic,  after agreeing to extend the Warhammer 40,000 license for many years to come, we will see this become a franchise I’m certain of it. With my love of all things Warhammer I really want more gamers to experience the depth of their worlds.