Gamepsot has a preview up of Dead Island. I’m keen to see more on this game ever since that trailer was released.

Reading through the preview seems to reinforce my hopes for this game, the concept of a first person zombie holocaust survival game where guns and ammo are not readily available and that you are stuck on a tropical island you can explore is very appealing. It seems there will be a selection of characters you can choose to play with, each one having different skills or special abilities.

There is also mention of four player coop, Left 4 Dead coop worked great but that was more of a focused level based game where players could jump in and out when they wanted without it affecting the overall gameplay. I can’t see how it would work on a whole sandbox like island which you could spend many hours wandering about in. Maybe I’m not imagining it right though, maybe the “cooperative” part is not essential and that simply 4 players can exist on the island regardless if they team up. That would allow players to come and go without causing problems for those that remain.