There is a countdown on this website indicating some kind of big reveal, the site name is Carmageddon. The name of an old PC franchise were you drive around racing cars and running down pedestrians (zombies or robots if you had the censored version) for points.  You could also of course just do laps on the courses or stunts or kill the other competitors cars with various power ups or simply ramming them into things.

The original Carmageddon was epic, I remember they released a timed demo of something like 3 minutes and if you did well you could get bonus time. After playing the demo for over a week solidly I got pretty good at turning that 3 minute smash em up race into 16 minutes of gaming joy.

The Sequel Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse was even more awesome, same formula only this tie the vehicles had modular sections that could fall off or hang off after impact and the physics were somewhat improved for pedestrian carnage. The selection of cars had also improved, I remember a monster truck and a giant earth mover that was too fat to actually race some of the courses but was so tough enemies simply exploded if they tried to ram you.

It was GTA for people who just wanted to drive fast, run people down and ram other cars off the road and at the time it was ahead of GTA which was still in 2d top down world. I even remember some of the titles of game difficulty. Easy was “Like killing babies with an axe” while hard was “Like french kissing a cobra” always made me smile.

Unfortunately by the third version something was lost, I remember trying the Carmageddon 3 demo and being completely uninspired by it. Perhaps there was something in that because after the third installment the franchise died away although interestingly the original developer SCi is still alive and kicking which gives me much hope that in one week we will see the announcement of a fourth game and a revival of the series. Right now all I can say is, it better be on PC guys!

Now all I need is for someone to revive the original Interstate 76  and my teenage driving game memmories are complete.