Lots of new previews, trailers, cinematic’s and information is starting to flood out from the Electronic Entertainment Show this year in California. Here are the first days most interesting PC related bits in my opinion.

Dead Island – This is an introduction to one of the playable survivors, apparently being very drunk is a highly useful survival tool should the zombie apocalypse happen while you are on a holiday island resort. It’s a PS3 trailer but the game will be on PC so close enough! Some have taken issue with the lack of emotion featured from the initial trailer but I think that is to be expected somewhat, you can’t show something that engaging and then translate it into a zombie survival game for the masses unfortunately.

Defiance – This is the first look at the setting for the new Trion/Syfy mmo/tv show that is coming. The concept is a tv show that runs parallel to the mmo with regular updates to the mmo storyline to coincide with the tv show. Lots of difficulties and little known about the game or tv series but it’s worth a look.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Continuing on with the third epic cinematic made by Blur, this one shows the final games intro cinematic which will launch when you first run the game. As with the past two its flawless cinematic beauty. and worth watching even if you don’t want to play the game.

Battlefield 3 – Some new gameplay footage of the third installment of battlefield, the multiplayer warfare game featuring infantry, vehicle and aircraft combat. It all looks fantastic on the new frostbite 2 engine and will no doubt challenge the most powerful computers. All we need now is for EA to stop comparing it to Call of Duty every time they talk about it.

Tomb Raider – The reboot of the franchise shows off some new gameplay footage of the “survival” style gameplay the new game will feature. Previously there was a cinematic intro to the game showing a younger Lara Croft during a ship wreck onto an island where the new game begins. It all looks more gritty, more brutal and while I actually didn’t feel the whole tomb raider franchise needed a reboot I have to say, it looks intriguing.

Mass Effect 3 – Some new gameplay footage from Mass Effect 3 finishing the trilogy off early next year. Looks like it will continue the high quality of the first, while hopefully leaving out the tedious prospecting mini game from the second one.  They could also do with dialing back the “you’re too dumb to do that” attitude they have developed in Mass Effect 2 & Dragons Age 2 which saw both so streamlined they felt like I was being patted on the head with the gameplay changes.