Another day of trawling through as much PC related footage as I can find at this years E3 show. Here is what I found most interesting.

Neverwinter – First trailer for Cryptic’s take on Dungeons & Dragons has appeared. The dungeon crawler mmo is apparently going to be focusing on the underground areas of the city of neverwinter long after the time of the single player rpg neverwinter nights 1&2 took place. I hope they put traps in, that was one of my favourite things about Turbines D&D mmo. Not enough games have traps in dungeons!

Dark Millnium Online – Short trailer for this has been shown, it’s a bit um…underwhelming and I’m slightly bothered by the term “online action experience” since I was hoping for something with a bit more depth. Still, it’s new and it’s about a game I want to play so here it is. About the only new bit of info I could pull from it was the bolters don’t sound quite as loud as I would like, maybe thats a design issue though, having a loud bang every shot might be irritating if you play it for a long time. Oh and there are useable gun emplacements.

World of Warplanes – From the makers of the recently released, recently enjoyed World of Tanks, a new game has been announced as in development. Taking planes from the 1930’s to the 1950’s world of warplanes holds much promise while at the same time requiring a major slap to whoever came up with the words that make that acronym.

Batman Arkham City – Shown as an Xbox360 stage demo we see some new gameplay footage of the much-anticipated sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum. Loved the original game and of course it’s also available on PC when it comes out so this is worth watching. Oh also…Catwoman, Meow!

LOTR: War In The North – A stage demo for a new cooperative action rpg set within the Lord of the Rings Universe. This seems like a pretty interesting game, a slightly darker, more brutal take on the world but still very much Tolkien inspired. Again, it’s a console demo but it will be available on PC as well.

WH40K: Space Marine – Relic showing off some gameplay footage of the action from their new 3rd person combat game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe from Games Workshop.

Bioshock: Infinite – As far as I’m concerned this is “Bisoshock 2” not the more of the same effort that actually was Bioshock 2. This trailer shows us some more of the intriguing airborne city in which the game takes place and features a female character Elizabeth.