The third day seemed a bit less packed with news and content for PC games, I suppose the natural result of so much being shown in the first couple of days. However the quality of what was shown is still equally as impressive as previous days.

Hitman Absolution – This cgi trailer for the new Hitman game is a beautiful piece of cinematic viewing. Of course it’s not gameplay footage but it shows the developers get what makes the franchise so attractive. Special mention goes for the lady taking a shower, really well done.  It has been suggested this game will feature a more open world in which to conduct your missions akin to Assassins Creed or the more recently shown Batman Arkham City. I’m not sure how I feel about that, open worlds can be great but I always liked the hand crafted nature of each individual mission in hitman games, the Meat Kings slaughter house BDSM party, the Missisipi Steam boat and the Haunted Hotel were my favourites from previous games.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Stage Demo featuring some gameplay footage and an interview with Bethesda’s game director Todd Howard. It looks very sexy, the addition of dual wielding spells or weapons is welcome as is the improved melee combat which wasn’t that hot in the previous version, Oblivion. They also show off some much larger creatures such as mammoths, giants and of course dragons. Can’t wait to play this personally, it has a lot to live up to since Oblivion but there was room for improvement so if anybody can pull it off,  Bethesda can.

Rage – From ID Software, known for their Doom or Quake games. There was a live stage demo on gamespot but for some reason they haven’t uploaded the recording yet. However this is a good alternative showing plenty of gameplay and some impressive visuals. There was also some gameplay of driving around the wasteland in a buggy which looked pretty good.

Star Trek Infinite Space – Has released its first trailer showing off some combat between the factions. This game will be a free to play browser-based online mmo.  Don’t know enough about this yet but it has promise.

The Old Republic – Raid Gameplay, some new footage and an interview (next video) regarding one of the raids players of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be able to experience. I have to say they seem pretty cool with a more battle feel to them as opposed to just a bunch of players beating on a boss.