Last day of the show this year, we’ve seen most of what’s going to be announced now but there are still some highlights worth watching.

Dead Island – Stage Demo with some gameplay, seems there will be some kind of experience level progression within the game. As they kill zombies you can see xp awarded and there is also a mention about zombie levels. Looks pretty cool to me!

Prey 2 – There was a cgi trailer just before E3 which you can see here. Now we see some gameplay and some of the gadgets you can use to help you hunt down the alien bounties. The climbing system looks good with plenty of fluid movement including jet boots for getting back down.  The morality system where you can make decision on each bounty such as dead or alive or even double-crossing the bounty creator  and using innocent civilians as a shield during gun battles adds some interesting depth.

Amy – This seems a very intriguing preview of a little known game from the maker of Flashback many years ago. It features some interesting gameplay mechanics around the emotional connection between an 8yr old girl and a woman who is trying to protect her and bring her to the safety of a hospital during a city-wide virus outbreak which has turned most people into zombies. Of particular note is the way holding the little girls hand will enable you to feel her heartbeat which will indicate nearby dormant zombies unseen measured by her fear level. As you succumb to the virus turning you into a zombie you gain the ability to bypass zombies unseen however turn too much and the game ends, by hugging the immune girl you lower your virus infection level.  It will be available to download on Steam at some point later this year and it sounds a very unique experience.

That’s about it guys, I will say I was disappointed with Vigil Games effort this year.  Last year we saw the very first faction trailer for Dark Millennium Online which was pretty awesome and then they spent the next 12 months not talking so I was hoping for something equally great this year and they kinda fizzled out with a tiny teaser that showed almost nothing.  I can only hope the lack of a marketing budget means they are spending more wisely into the development of the game. Still, years not over yet..back to checking the DMO website daily in the hope of getting an actual site!