Well today I read that Bethesda’s website has been attacked, yesterday I read Epic Games was hacked, last week I read Codemasters was hacked, before that Sony was hacked so badly their entire gaming network was shutdown for about a month.

I’m not linking news articles, I’m not even going to mention the arguments they used to justify their attacks. As far as I’m concerned there is no justification for attacking the player’s ability to enjoy their games regardless of what you think the company does right or wrong. You want to protest about a company you stop buying their products, you ask for refunds on products you already own that you are unsatisfied with, you make as much noise as you can (legally) in public to any medium that will get your story read by others and you write a letter (not email or forum post) explaining your grievance to the company in question, send it recorded so that you have proof they recieved it, that is how you damage a companies reputation…by beng an unhappy consumer of their products and letting other potential consumers know.

If you hack websites, bring down servers and steal customers personal data such as names, addresses, credit card info, phone numbers and passwords you are not protesting you are committing a crime. Maybe you don’t intend to do anything with the data you steal, it’s still stealing. Not to mention you are stealing from the people you claim to be associated with…the gamers. You may be affecting the big companies but you are also affecting the players. Nobody likes being put in a room with the self-proclaimed evil empire you decide to persecute and the moment you do that you start telling gamers they should hate you more than the company you are claiming is the villain.

However, after the month-long $127million expense it cost Sony to recover from that attack and the subsequent attacks to other companies you’d think by now those other companies would have stepped up their security. Apparently that is not the case,  if they are not reacting to the threat by now they are not spending enough time or money on protecting the personal data of the users that trusted them to give it out.

Of course the fact is, when everyone is getting hacked, the message of why stops being important, whatever message they wanted to send, it’s now overshadowed.  The only thing most people care about now is finding the people responsible. ….oh and coming up with alternative passwords you can never remember.