Danny Bilson the THQ CEO has had much to say about two of their future Warhammer 40k based games.

First up he talks about Relic developing Dawn of War 3 and how they plan to have aspects of the original and aspects of its sequel incorporated into a larger strategic scope, more mmo like with a global battle going on. There were suggestions in the past Dawn of War 3 might be free to play, at the time they were testing an online free to play version of company of heroes but that was canned so hopefully they changed their minds.

Personally I played Dawn of War games for their single player campaigns and also the Last Stand coop play. I don’t enjoy competitive rts multiplayer so I’m slightly concerned they are designing me out of the third installment if they do make it multiplayer only. I want a single player campaign k?  thnx.

Did you like my image edit? Yeah..I know it’s rubbish but there aren’t any DoW 3 images yet and I made it green so it could have been done by an ork so zogoff!

In a completely separate article which I stumbled upon when digging up the above I discovered Danny Bilson also talked about Dark Millennium Online [DMO] being playable at next years E3 show, he goes on to reveal little bits about what is playable in house now, there seems to be an indication that Space Marines will not be available to play straight away, there is a suggestion of some method of unlocking them which could be relevant to the mention of a scout.

Perhaps they plan on making players experience the early game as a Space Marine Scout, an initiate of a Space Marine Chapter not fully experienced yet and not finished with the genetic alterations that allow them to wear power armour.

Space Marine Scouts typically spend many decades as Scouts while they prove their prowess and give their genetic alterations time to knit in with their bodies. Eventually when they have proven themselves they are given a set of power armour and become a Space Marine.  Perhaps the idea is to play as a scout and level up to either unlock a space marine class or actually become a space marine via the scout.