I saw Sucker Punch  recently, after all the bad reviews I was honestly expecting it to be complete trash but ever the believer that people can be wrong and often when it conflicts with my opinion naturally they are! I watched it. Turns out I quite liked it, watching the trailer or looking at the screenshot above it can look like sexy girls with guns which it is but despite there being a sexual theme with erotic dancing, a brothel of female prisoners and the looming threat of being raped it never goes anywhere near it. So if you were hoping for that kind of movie you would probably want to skip this.

What you do get, is an intriguing story of a girl who is tragically incarcerated in  a mental asylum after the death of her mother and younger sister. The evil step father wants her inheritance and of course in order to get that she has to be declared unfit hence the mental asylum. The step father bribes one of the orderlies of the asylum/brothel to have her lobotomized and through switching to her own fantasy dream world she forms a plan of escape with the help of  some other girls also trapped within.

The double, even triple  story running parallel of a dream world within a nightmare reality with alternate fantasy adventures might be a little confusing at first but it all ties together in the end and there is plenty of visual eye candy and special effects along the way. I think the ending was quite good but also perhaps part of the reason for the negative reviews, I won’t say any more than that for fear of ruining it but there is definitely more of a story to this action girl movie than at first glance.