Seems Blizzard are moving to unlock the limited trial offer they have had for a number of years changing the game into a free play endless trial experience at levels 1-20 and calling it the Starter Edition.  With the suggestion WoW is gradually losing some of its massive subscriber base after years of constant growth perhaps this is the first sign that Blizzard is needing to change its business model to compensate for its age. 

I’m not sure how many new players this move will attract considering they have offered 14 day free trials for a number of years now however it does give players who were perhaps enjoying the game but reluctant to subscribe enough of a reminder to keep playing and maybe lay down some cash.

I have to say while I did enjoy my time with WoW, I played about 6 months as a Priest on US servers and a further 9 months as a Druid & Paladin on EU servers I really don’t seem to have a great need to go back. I played before and after its first expansion Burning Crusade and like many mmos before it felt the initial game world lost something with the expansion launch. 

Even though I don’t want to play it anymore, I still believe it is the most complete and polished mmo available and worthy of being the market leader.  Despite that I dislike many of the Raiding,  Attunement and Faction grinding elements and the frustrating lack of direction they displayed with the Paladin class over the years, redesigning it from the ground up several times, felt disappointing.  Proof perhaps that even when you have years of success and enough money to do whatever you want it’s still not enough to get everything right.