The short but sweet open beta phase of the revamped, resurrected and relaunched mmo originally designed as a spiritual successor to Diablo will be starting tonight at 7:30pm EDT.  The beta phase probably won’t last too long given it’s already been running for a while in Asia, all they have to do is stress test the new servers and perhaps get some polish on any regional translations they added. 

Nevertheless  T3 Entertainment are promising four celebratory events within the game and “something special” for everyone who logs in today. I’ve read some comments that it’s not truly free to play, the early levels will be but then they want a one time $4 payment to unlock the later levels.  It’s not unusual for “free” mmos to lock content behind payment options, it is after all, how they make their money,  $4 doesn’t seem that much either to be honest, not when other games are charging $25 horses or $30 tanks on top of subscription fees.  No idea if it’s any good, too late for me tonight, I’m off to bed now but since its mostly free I can’t see any reason not to give it a try and decide for yourself!