Relic have let go of the tight lips on Space Marine’s multiplayer mode for the action game based on the Warhammer 40k world due out in September. Apparently there will be two playable factions, Space Marines (obviously) and Chaos Marines, Both sides will get to duke it out in two game types of standard team death match and a territory control match, A maximum of 8v8 will be allowed across the 5 maps set for launch with more available via dlc afterwards.

There are also strong indications that players will be able to paint and customise their multiplayer characters from a wide variety of traditional paint colours and presumable badges to make their own chapters their heroes belong to. Each faction will have a branching class unlock system, everyone begins with a tactical marine and as you play matches you will unlock the Devastaor Marine which is primarily heavy support firepower and the Assault Marine which is a fast attack up close and personal melee specialist.

On top of that apparently there are already talks at Relic about a sequel, the game is looking pretty cool from what I have seen so far but only time will tell if really lives up to the hype and expectation. Personally, I suspect I might have tons of fun customizing my multiplayer hero and playing about with chapter designs. It may even be an indication of the kind of customisation we will see in the Dark Millennium mmo due out next year since both Relic and Vigil have been sharing thoughts and ideas between the games.