Bioware are gearing up for release it seems with pre orders finally available in many countries (not all though). There seems to be three deals, a regular copy which gets you early access, a colour crystal for changing the colour of your light saber or blaster bolts and early access to the launch.

The Digital Deluxe, which is only available from Origin which include the above plus a special mount vehicle called a S.T.A.P. aswell as a holo dancer, holo camera and a flare gun.

The Collectors edition contains all sorts of stuff including the above and a mini mouse droid pet and an in-game unique store vendor for CE items, unclear if they are purchasable with in-game cash or micro transactions.

Personally I opted for the Deluxe version, It’s not cheap but it is cheaper than the collectors and contains most of the good in-game stuff while skipping the physical extras which would just gather dust for me.  The two most attractive elements are the colour crystal so I can guarantee I get a purple light saber and the early access so I can hopefully get the names I want, strange how digital nothingness can have such value.

Supposedly all copies of the game will allow access to all servers so you will be able to choose where you want to play, this is a pretty cool feature since I may play on US servers to be around more english speakers and because it benefits my time zone play times.

My biggest concern is the charge for pre ordering, I really dislike having to pay extra for the privilege of agreeing to give EA & Bioware my money ahead of release. However I paid it so I guess that makes me a fool. Only time will tell if It was worth the extra money for the benefits of the Deluxe version, I regret buying the CE edition of WAR ever since GOA and EA Mythic put me through so much torture after launch but I suppose my enthusiasm and expectation for a new Old Republic game and mmo is outweighing my caution.