Darksiders, was originally released for consoles, a third person action adventure game about one of the four horsemen namely ‘War’ featured above. Being mysteriously summoned to earth after the armies of heaven and hell break a pact to stay out of the realm of humans. All humans are now dead killed off by the raging battle between angels and demons and ‘War’ vows to discover why the pact was broken by killing said demons and angels that get in his way as he cleaves his way to the answer.

Darksiders is made by Vigil games, the developers for my much-anticipated Warhammer 40k mmo ‘Dark Millennium’ (DMO) due out sometime in 2012. My first interest is that DMO will be using a version of the Darksiders engine so I was very interested to give it a try and see how it felt. My second interest was that having just acquired a new hamster wheel (pc) I can now finally run this game so it’s a chance to play something shiny too!

At max detail, 1080p, it runs beautifully on my new box and is pretty to watch with its crisp visual art style, the storyline is interesting and the character of ‘War’ is intriguing. The various combat moves you can pull off are impressive and make you feel awesome when you complete a good combo, the sounds are pretty meaty too. You are often challenge with fighting enemies that require some quick button combinations to defeat without coming to harm and the progression of equipment and unlocks you can acquire are satisfying to gain access to.

I have two small niggles if I get to be picky, firstly the watcher, the demon in your glove that tracks your progress and pops out every so often to tell you why you are where you are and so on. It’s Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) doing his Joker voice from Batman cartoons/games and unfortunately whenever he speaks I hear the Joker, that also means when he voices other demons in the game, such as Tiamat, I also hear the joker who is also the demon in your glove…so it gets a bit jarring.

Secondly and this is a personal thing, it feels like they have too many buttons. Obviously on a console joy pad all the buttons are comfortable and easy to reach, on a keyboard and mouse the combinations feel a little clunky, I’m sure some buttons could have been combined to reduce the numbers down. Seems like I have to use three buttons to pick something up, aim it at a target and then throw it, great that I can do that or swing it like a weapon but I can’t help feeling some more button commands could have been integrated with a bit of extra context sensitive coding.

For a PC port of a console game it is one of the better ones, the menus still suffer from consolitis a bit with convoluted key configurations such as CTRL, SHIFT & ENTER for menu navigation but it is all presented well enough and a cinematic experience to play through. I can see why this game was rated highly when it was released and for the most part the PC version maintains that high standard, delivering a fun game that is well worth experiencing.