It seems Blizzard have released some new, rather disturbing news about the long-awaited Diablo 3. There will be a real money auction house (think ebay for your loot) where you will be able to buy and sell loot you find in-game to other players. Blizzard will be charging a listing fee of course and if you want the cash you will also have to pay a third-party to withdraw that cash from the game account.

That’s not all though, players will also have to have a permanent online connection to play the game, you know, the same DRM that Ubisoft has in most of its recent games. The one where you buy a game but can’t actually play it without being online. Also that means you’ll probably be kicked out of your game if at any point you lose your internet connection for some reason.

I wasn’t hugely excited for D3, it has been many years since the last one but I did buy the original and it’s sequel so I was expecting I would pick this game up. This news has pretty much canceled that idea though, I can imagine the auction houses will eventually be cornered by gold farmers making cash off the player base and I really don’t like the always online DRM. The latter part doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since I do play mmo’s that I have to always be online to play but they are mmo’s, not single player games.

Personally this news just makes me more cynical about how Blizzard are doing business now they are part of Activision. I am certain Diablo 3 will still sell by the bucket load though, there is just too much evidence people will pay for anything these days, It also makes me believe this kind of thing will feature in Blizzards next mmo and that it’s simply the first toe in the water for the idea.