World of Warplanes, the air combat game from the makers of World of Tanks (no really this time!) has gone live recently. The new site has a selection of in-game screenshots featuring some nice looking plane models to have a gander at. There are also some snippets of information on the gameplay, there will be three classes of war plane, single engine dog fighters, heavy fighters less manoeuvrable but hard hitters and some form of dive bomber or ground attack aircraft.

As with World of Tanks you will be able to upgrade aspects of each war plane such as new engines, new guns, ammo etc as you work your way through each tree starting from the biplanes of the 1930’s up until the jet fighters of the korean war.

I’m not sure how ground attack aircraft will feature, then again I really didn’t like how much influence artillery has in a game titled World of Tanks so I’ll have to wait and see. I suppose it could be objective based, each team tries to bomb the airfield of the other team and the fighters try to stop them. Or maybe there are Anti Aircraft guns which need taking out.

Whatever the idea I’m keen to read more about this game if only because despite its flaws, World of Tanks is a decent, fun game. I just wish they had skipped artillery altogether and not opted to include “pay to win” tier 8 heavy tanks.