I went to watch Super 8 a couple of days ago, a new film by Steven Spielberg & JJ Abrams. The story is about a group of school children who are amateur film makers. One evening they sneak out of their small town to shoot a scene for their movie and end up witnessing a mysterious US Air Force train derailed by a truck driving along the tracks, which they later discover is driven by one of their school teachers.

The US Air Force descends upon the area cordoning the crash site off and generally acting all official and mysterious with the towns residents. Meanwhile the children try to work the train crash into their movie after discovering it was captured on their film camera along with something altogether more disturbing, escaping from one of the train carriages after the crash.

I didn’t really enjoy this movie, I think perhaps I was hoping for a little more science fiction and more of the creature to be explained but it seems the story only wants to focus on one of the children and how he lost his mother at the beginning of the film. I really want to say it’s like E.T. but I won’t….since I haven’t ever watched that movie to its conclusion, the themes are similar.

It did feel like the escaped creature and the reason it was in the movie was an afterthought and that the train crashing itself was more significant than any impact the creature had. The children played their parts well and there are some emotional moments with the boy losing his mother worked into the relationship between him, his father, the girl he likes and the father of the girl, who, through a strange twist of fate, was responsible for his mother’s death.

Not really Spielberg or Abrams best work and definitely disappointing if you are going into it more interested in the story of the creature and not the children making the home movie.