First up is some new coop gameplay footage of Trine 2, which looks especially fancy. I loved the original Trine (apart from that last level!) and a sequel with more of everything but prettier and with more coop promises much muchness. The PC version of Trine didn’t have online coop and that was a major disappointment for what was a great game, Frozenbyte promises Trine 2 will feature it and that makes me happy. Now I just have to work out which hero I want to be…Rogue…no Warrior……no wait…..


Then we have a teaser trailer for a game first talked about at E3 earlier this year, Amy, a horror survival game where you guide a woman through a zombie infested city trying to help a little girl get to safety. The little girl is immune to the zombie virus but the woman you play is not, you have to manage your infection level to pass by zombies unnoticed while not becoming too infected and turning into an actual zombie. You can cure some of your infection level by hugging the little girl, also of note was the mention of holding the girl’s hand would become like a heart beat sensor that would be a cue to how close danger is.  Intriguing stuff and I have high hopes for this.