Well for the past couple of weeks I have been giving this a good playing, I loved the original and really wanted to pick this up at launch but unfortunately I had to wait until I upgraded my pc.

Firstly, with all the knobs and switches on full this game looks beautiful at high-resolution. The attention to detail and atmosphere is amazing and really puts you in a dark, gritty world of filth and hate. As with the original game you get to hear and witness some horrible acts of racism between humans and non-humans as their feuds continue and again you are drawn into making some hard choices about who to side with and who to let down.

The choices in the Witcher 2 are much like the Witcher…really hard, morally questionable decisions that actually made me stress over which way i would go. I’m not talking the do it or don’t kind of choice I’m talking save a child or save the woman you love…oh and by the way the fate of the future of a kingdom is also at stake just in case that wasn’t hard enough. Every choice you make has an impact in the way the story unfolds the major decisions often impact the story at a later date closing or opening quest avenues which take time to develop rather than are evident immediately.

The combat is…harsh, I played on normal and even though I am familiar with the Witcher abilities at the beginning of Witcher 2 you have to learn real fast with not enough tools at your disposal. It’s the one flaw in the game I find, the beginning is harder than the end by quite a margin. I found myself dying constantly in the first two chapters but hardly ever by the end. The trouble is the tutorial gives you text to read as you are engaged in action so it’s not ideal and what you need to learn you probably won’t without dying and reloading often for the first 2 chapters. This coupled with the fact you really aren’t given the skills you need to handle multiple opponents so early in the game can make it a lesson in perseverance.

The storyline is engaging and the language while x-rated and vulgar at times fits perfectly with the setting of the world. The main protagonist is often famed for his stud like behaviour and while the crudeness of the collectible cards of conquests from the original game are long gone, you can still bed a fair number of girls in this game. What sets it apart is that for the most part the sex and sexuality in the game is far more adult in approach. It’s still sexy and you might find it quite raunchy but it never tries to be anything more than adult in context which I find refreshing. Compared to the sex in Dragon age 2 it’s light years ahead in style and substance.

I can’t praise this game enough, if you love rpg games and can live with a hard-core bite to the early game you will get a lot of meaningful gameplay out of the Witcher 2 especially if you have the hardware to show it at its best.