Columbiana is a movie about a young Columbian girl who witnesses her parents being killed by some drug lord associates. Vowing revenge on the man responsible, she escapes to America where she finds her uncle who takes her in and looks after her. As she grows up she learns her father’s trade and becomes an assassin, making hits her uncle arranges, all the time leaving a special flower symbol on her marks in an effort to flush out the drug lord who has since gone into hiding, protected by some elements of the CIA.

It takes a bit of a leap of imagination that a woman so slight of build could have any real physical impact on some of the men she takes down but its all good fun if you can buy that. I did question the logic of one moment during her prison room assassination where having stealthy broke out of her cell, crawled all the way to her targets location undetected she then decides to fire a gun in the middle of a police precinct but I suppose what happens after helps add some tension to the scene as a result….still, for an assassin known as a “ghost” firing a gun in a police prison seems a little contradictory.

There is a love interest in the movie but it’s never really worked on, typical hollywood nonsense that the movie requires a love interest and then doesn’t bother doing anything really meaningful with it. When I was watching the movie I didn’t recognise the actress Zoe Saldana as Cataleya at all but looking at her IMDB page she’s been in quite a few movies I’ve watched so I was quite surprised. I think this movie is definitely worth watching, while it has many traditional aspects of action movies there is enough of a twist and grittiness to it to keep it fresh and engaging.