Star Wars The Old Republic goes live on 20th December in US, 22nd in EU. Subscription costs are also detailed here.

So write it down, set your clocks and take a long hard look at potential ways to skip christmas so you can do a holiday marathon of TOR gaming. If you pre ordered you will probably have the client downloaded before then because of the head start promotion. Hopefully everyone will get their retail keys from their boxed copies in time. Bioware has said there will be a few days grace period between head start and retail where you can play with your head start key but eventually you will need to input a proper retail key to keep logging in.

I have the Digital Deluxe copy pre ordered from Origin, it’s a bit pricey but the extras are all in-game and so I felt were worth it. No news on if EU customers who digitally purchase will get access to US servers on which date though. I just have to worry about getting my names reserved now!