Destructoid have a new article on the “re-imagining” of the classic, isometric, real-time, strategy game from the 90’s called Syndicate which I happen to love. This new version is, if you have read my previous articles, a first person shooter “woohoo” we’re a bit short on those as you may have noticed.

Obviously as a fan of the original, I wasn’t too happy about this turn of events and it seems obvious to me the console versions required a different type of game, because console gamers are drooling idiots who can’t appreciate an rts apparently.

Anyway, the new trailer looks ok, It doesn’t scream Syndicate at me at all really but it doesn’t look terrible either. Of course, trailers are designed to look good right? I mean that’s promotional material so it should look decent. I’ll refrain from saying any more now, see what you think and decide for yourself.