This is a video play through of a mission in the new Hitman game, it shows a scene beginning in an Abandoned Chicago Library, where Agent 47 retreats to try to lose the police chasing him. It shows various new elements such as the ability to climb and presumably shimmy across ledges, also a few new melee combat moves such as face to face take downs and a night stick neck snap. The ui is also slightly more informative this time with a radar and some kind of detector vision that can trace the patrol paths of enemies and see through walls. I can also spot a yellow detection/suspicion bar to the right and a white health bar to the left. I really liked the “face shield” move, as Agent 47 wearing a police uniform, used to help him pass without being recognised.

I’m not too keen on the new vision mode, it feels a bit too Deus Ex/Assassin Creed for my tastes but it’s not a big issue. The climbing animation looked a little wooden and effortless too, but in general I thought the play through looked pretty good with a variety of ways to play covered, obviously for the benefit of the viewer. I was pleased to see it was still dark and brutal, I was worried after the relatively tame movie that the game may have been drifting away from its roots.

I’m really looking forward to playing this, I just hope the inevitable PC port from console is handled with the respect it deserves.