EDIT: Today THQ, the publisher of Dark millenium Online and owner of Vigil Games has released a statement claiming this information is not official and should be considered “Speculative at best”. While this is not a clear statement that this information is false it seems THQ are trying to disassociate itself from the news. Is it an over zealous fan from the Warseer rumour forums making it up, or do they have a real source meaning THQ can’t completely claim the information is false? I guess we all have to make our own mind up.

A giant, proverbial bag of squigs has been released on Vigils Warhammer 40,000 based MMO today.

Here are the highlights :-

– Imperium + Eldar faction classes (Order) include Space Marine, Psyker, Tech Priest & Guardsmen?/Assassin, Dark Reaper, Scorpion, Warlock & Avenger.

– Chaos + Ork faction classes (Destruction) include Cultist, Chaos Marine, Demon Host, Nob, Mekboy, Runt herda & Mad dok

(I’m guessing Chaos will likely have some kind of Psyker alternative too but it’s not mentioned I just notice Chaos is missing a class.)

– Tyranids and Necrons will likely feature as npc enemies.

– Dark Eldar and Tau will likely feature as playable in an expansion, npcs possible for launch.

– Each class evolves appearance and equipment every 10 ranks, 60 levels with three skill paths, example given is a Space Marine, begins as a scout and rises to a Veteran Marine with stages in between possible routes are Devastator, Tactical and Assault Similar to multiplayer choices in Space Marine.

– Level cap is 60 with a Raid size of possibly 50 (to be tested).

– Terrain zones and instances include, Crashed Space Hulk, Ruined Cityscape, Imperial and Chaos Ships, Tyranid infested landscape, Snow capped mountains, Ancient Eldar city, Orkified settlements and old battlefields littered with wreckage of conflict.

– Hero Classes possibly unlockable including Grey Knight, Farseer, Wierdboy or Sorceror.

– Combat will be mouse driven left mouse button is a weapon in left hand, right mouse button is a weapon in right hand, similar again to Space Marine. Abilities will have cool downs. Guns cannot run out of ammo but reload/overheat mechanics will balance them. Assisted targeting and lock on melee.

– Squad size is 5 players.

– Guilds included

– There is a cover mechanic, knee high (for crouching I assume) and full cover version (for looking round walls maybe?).

– Featured chaos god is Khorne, Nurgle will be present as npcs.

– Black Templars and Word Bearers are the opposing Space Marine & Chaos Marine Chapters.

– Dual wielding pistols and melee weapons possible, unlocks extra special moves when active.

– Instanced and open world pvp.

– Relic and an Asian developer are helping with some art assets but majority of the game is being developed in-house by Vigil.

– Game is based on the Darksiders & Darksiders 2 engine, will look similar to those games with stylised realism.

– Likely release is around March 2013 according to the THQ store although with so long to go and knowing how mmo dates are fluid I wouldn’t be too sure about that yet.

– Mention of possible Forgeworld models featured in-game, armour, titans etc. We have already spotted Dreadnoughts, Warhound Titans and Bikes from the original Imperium Of Man trailer here.

It all sounds pretty awesome, but of course at this stage it’s still mostly just intent, however finally we have some solid information to get our teeth into and start salivating at what “could be” if Vigil pulls it off.

Original article here.