So while I was away feeling sorry for myself stuff happened that I missed and maybe you did too….or not. Anyway Here are the bits I think are worth noticing.

Mechwarrior Online was announced by Piranha Games, originally working on a single player game, they ran into some issues with Microsoft, who then still controlled the rights to the franchise. What changed? no clue, but apparently they can now go ahead and make a game based in the battletech universe after all. The site allows interested fans to sign-up for their forums and register a “pilot name” to use when the game is available sometime in 2012.

It will be free to play indicating mt based, possibly selling new mech chassis? you can customise the look of your mech and choose from different classes aswell as pick a house to be associated with (like a faction or side). Guilds, mercs and squads are confirmed and you will always be in your mech but there seems some confusing jnfo on what load out customisation we can have, from my mechwarrior 2 and 4 background I know I spent many hours testing out weapon builds for heat efficiency and viability so I hope that makes it in. Atlas, Jenner and Hunchback are the first confirmed battlemechs.

GTA V by Rockstar games released its first trailer featuring the city and surrounding scenery as a return to Los Angeles featured in the previous GTA: San Andreas. Lots to speculate on but I guess at this point the biggest question for me would be what platform? Past GTA games have all been released on PC but more recent versions have been a year or so later than console release.



Syndicate 3 Trailer featuring some 4 player coop, looking interesting still unsure about it though.

Space Marine DLC Soon, after the recent release of a new coop multiplayer version, Relic have announced plans to add a free capture the flag mode, more chapter specific skins and a new chaos marine version of coop with extra maps. Haven’t had chance to try the coop mode yet but this definitely sounds pretty cool.

Finally a quick mention for a storyboard leak for the secret, work in progress, Thief 4 game, not hugely revealing but I include it since a new Thief game is a good thing and this helps confirm it is still coming!