Well it seems it’s the end for Lego Universe, a recent post on their official forums indicates the servers will be closing on January 31st 2012. This game has had nothing but bad news since launch, when first the developer was bought out, then they were shut down, then Lego Universe had to go free to play and now without enough paying customers it can’t even sustain that business model.

I tried the free version, what I experienced was ok but that wasn’t much, it felt like they hated me for being in the game f0r free. I soon hit a wall that told me I could go no further without paying and to be honest, the game never really got going before that so I just resented the terminology free to play when so little of the game was actually free, it may as well have been a demo tutorial.

Obviously I’m not the only one who felt this way, hence the shutdown. I can’t help feeling when they converted to Free to Play they didn’t do a good enough job at letting new players have fun and that the actual game was probably too combat orientated for a lego game. There was building but a lot of it was an automated hold shift affair, while focusing on combat. The private build space was fun but that alone didn’t qualify for a subscription in my view. Everquest 2 & Lord Of The Rings Online both provide a better housing/decorating space experience and there is a hell of a lot more content besides that in those games, so a game that features a building IP really fell short on selling that ideal.

Still its sad to see a game trying to be different fall, while the world could stand to lose a few more fantasy mmo’s somehow it’s the alternative ones that keep getting canned. Is this the first sign that there are too many free to play games now or simply a sign of a poorly implemented one?