Minecraft officially went from long time beta to launch today, according to the website it’s already sold over 4 million copies, which is phenomenal for a game made by a couple of people in their basement, relying on word of mouth and viral marketing to sell.

I’ve spent many hours playing it over the last six months and if you like messing about in your very own world or even in someone elses, creating whatever you like from basic materials in 1×1 meter blocks while exploring wherever you want, it can’t be beat. The graphics are basic but they have a charm and functionality to them that really works. Also the new survival mechanics or creative mode make the experience much richer.

Notch, the creator, says even though the game is now officially “finished”, they have lots of plans for future updates and additional content too. I believe if you buy it now you also get an invite to the beta test of Scrolls, the next game from the same developer.