Trine 2, the sequel to the extra awesome Trine, an indie physics/puzzle/adventure game, is being released today. I already have this pre-ordered on Steam after being thoroughly impressed with its predecessor. Trine 2, pictured above, is looking more beautiful and with new enemies, puzzles and ways to traverse the levels, it promises more of the same fun from the original.

What makes Trine 2 truly great though is that finally, PC players can engage in 3 player coop online, something sorely lacking from the original version on PC. I played some of the beta test available from the Trine 2 pre-order and it was cool to watch how other players used alternative ways to solve puzzles and find secrets.

I’ll try to squeeze this in before SWTOR swallows up my future, I still have to finish Batman Arkham City and I still haven’t finished Skyrim yet!