Gaming news sites seem to all be reporting the closure of GSC Game World, The developer responsible for the Chernobyl set, first person tactical shooter/survival, horror series. STALKER and it’s sequel STALKER: Call Of Pripyat were both great but flawed games, mixing a series of horror and adventure within a bleak world of a mutated, irradiated zone around the real world setting of a Nuclear Disaster that took place at Chernobyl (Russia) in 1986.

The AI was often buggy with enemies remembering where you were even after you reloaded a failed save during a stealth attack and also being able to have a sixth sense to throw grenades and snipe you at any distance. However, the spooky, horror theme of the various mutants and anomalies you could discover, conjured by the fallout of the nuclear disaster were very atmospheric and the zones you could explore kept you on your toes as mutants and other npc stalkers would engage in combat as you traveled around adding to the feel of a living, functional environment.

Nevertheless it appears STALKER 2 has been canceled or at least delayed indefinitely, being a dedicated PC game it no doubt struggled to appeal to a wider audience and obviously some of that blame must be squarely placed on the rampant piracy the platform struggles with. While I don’t accept even half of pirates would actually spend money on games they couldn’t pirate there will no doubt have been some who would. A failed console deal and apparent problems with the way STALKER 2 was developing would also seem to have left the developer with a lack of funds to work out its issues.

I really hope, while this may be the last we hear of the series for a while, it will eventually be picked up again in the future. It’s attention to detail on the geography of the setting may have been underappreciated by the vast majority of us but it was a significant step in the right direction for first person shooters, to get away from the generic cut scene, quick time events too many current games feature as standard.