It seems I spoke too soon, today Bioware is telling me even though I have 27 days left on my “Free Play Time” I have to give them my credit card details or I can’t log into the game. Their account subscription page is also down because they are too stupid or cheap to provide a robust server structure for all the customers who are just discovering this unpleasant “fuck you” upon attempting to log into the game they paid for 2 days ago.

Way to destroy any good will your customers had, nice job guys.


I can’t think of any reason why, when you register your retail key to prove you have purchased the game, you are then required to give them future billing details at a later date but before your free time has expired, not only that but that those future details are a requirement for access to time given “free” when you purchase the game.

Let’s not even talk about the irony of having a staggered release only to ask all 2 million of your customers to register their billing information all at the same time, crashing the servers for hours and locking out a large portion of your game owners from their free time.