Well Star Wars: The Old Republic has finally launched and It’s already swallowed up many days of my life, I haven’t even made an alt yet! Above is a screenshot of me getting my Ship….ahh, she be a fine spaceworthy vessel!  Loving the game so far but that ui is still making me irritable on a daily basis and the cost of everything is starting to get annoying, seems I’m forever broke at mid level now, 7,000 credits to train each new skill at level up, 500 credits to gather 2-4 crafting materials with the possibility of getting nothing useful, just seems like Bioware have created the market for the gold farmers.

Staying with the positives though the voice work is great and there is definitely a good incentive to follow the story for every quest, I find myself actually reading the text in between bits too which is quite unusual for an mmo. Flashpoints (dungeons) are great fun with a group and the space combat, I think is just fine as a change of pace from the main game, except for the escort missions…which need to go away.

Anyway…Merry Christmas all!