Piranha games have released a new concept art for the ever popular long-range support mainstay of many a battletech lance, the Catapult. I remember a slightly less bulky but “cuter” looking version being in Mechwarrior 4, also featuring some giant missile racks that could launch a truly devastating salvo of long-range missiles at an enemy target.

Unfortunately it never quite worked as well in the video game because missiles alone rarely were capable of downing most mechs slow enough to be locked onto.

Hopefully with Piranha emphasising the class roles and teamwork in the upcoming game this problem will be less of an issue, because once you were out of missiles, you were a free kill in the past and those missile racks are easy targets when you want to disarm it in a fire fight.

Also, It’s New Years Eve tomorrow so no doubt many of us will be celebrating the fact everything starts again with a +1. So let me take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year. See you in 2012! \o/