There seems to be a suggestion the long running dispute over if Interplay can continue to work on the Fallout mmo or if Bethesda have the right to block it, has finally been settled. No clear details yet but I would have to assume Bethesda get what they want considering they were the ones repeatedly taking Interplay to court. Previously Interplay sold the rights to the Fallout IP to Bethesda for around $6 million and Bethesda went on to revive the franchise beginning with Fallout 3.

However, as I understood, Interplay retained the rights to the fallout mmo, providing they showed progress within an agreed time frame. Having signed up for news on the Fallout mmo several years ago, no real news or information was ever released about the game and finally Bethesda got tired of waiting, so to court they went. The first attempt failed and Interplay continued on apparently doing little but retaining the rights. Bethesda being backed by their owner Zenimax were not going to give up and once more they returned to the courtroom to wrestle it away from Interplay.

Given the one and only news email I ever received from interplay since I signed up for news on Fallout online, was an advertisement to buy a completely unrelated indie game, I assume they lacked the funds to finish the mmo and were just sitting on the project until Bethesda offered them even more money to just go away.

Interplay was once a great name in pc gaming with titles like Baulders Gate, Planescape Torment and Fallout topping many a gamers favourites list, unfortunately it suffered money troubles and eventually disbanded its greatest developer asset Black Isle before declaring bankruptcy. Ever since Interplay has been on life support, not appearing to do much but refusing to die gracefully. This legal settlement on the Fallout mmo may not be the end for Interplay but it seems obvious Bethesda want to develop their own fallout mmo and that must feature in whatever agreement they have made.