Well, I’m back again! Having been suffering from a rather nasty tooth infection, I am now armed with the latest in antibiotic warfare and drugged up to the eyeballs on codeine.

More importantly though, THQ has been struggling with poor sales of late, primarily the U-Draw tablet for Wii and some less than impressive sales of some of their other games. This has led to various analysts predicting THQ will shut up shop sometime in 2012 if things are not drastically improved. Now there is a rumour suggesting THQ has cancelled all of its future games and is looking for a buyer.

THQ have released a statement saying this is complete rubbish, however with last years poor showing and the independent nature of the publisher, it does seem to be on shaky ground of late. Given over many years now we have seen little or no new updates for the much-anticipated Warhammer 40,000 themed mmo they were working on with Vigil Games, this news, fact or fake casts doubt over its future. While it’s possible the rumour was malicious, it is equally possible THQ denied it to hold on to its share price, for the purposes of selling itself.

Massive Multiplayer games are notoriously expensive to create, have a habit of getting torn apart by rabid hate mongers from other mmos when it doesn’t turn out to be “innovative” or “sanbox” or in most cases, “like that other mmo that I hate”. If THQ needed to cut some fat, dropping or possibly selling Dark Millennium Online would be a smart move to save some money.

Knowing this I feel divided on my hopes for this game, part of me so desperately wants to play a persistent online 40k mmo that isn’t pvp focused like Warhammer Age of Reckoning was. The other part of me worries if they lack the investment and commitment to deliver a decent game, it will feel hollow and disappointing. I’ve seen games I had high hopes for come into financial difficulty and struggle on to release, they always release poorly and show their lack of funding and commitment through cut content, broken features and poor presentation. I want to be wrong about DMO, I want to be….