Thought I would mention Star Trek Online has just relaunched as a free to play title, of course as with all “free to play” mmo’s that means you get to play some of the game with limitations that make it less fun or convenient, unless you want to spend some money on it. As long as you’re prepared for that, free to play mmo’s still usually have a decent amount of game to be played.

Cryptics Star Trek Online was a tempting game during beta couple of years ago, the ship combat was without a doubt its strongest feature with various ship classes, ship upgrades and a selection of combat and exploration missions to be played solo, grouped or player vs player. The away team ground game was definitely weak at launch but since then I have read that aspect of the game has had extensive renovation of the combat mechanics and so perhaps it is much improved now.

As with all of Cryptics games though, they aren’t afraid to show just how cold and business minded they are, wasting no opportunity to lock you out of something in order to offer it to you as purchasable micro transactions. I remember when STO launched they actually tried to charge players who bought the game and subscribed to it for more than a couple of character slots, the fact that they would charge the full price for a retail game box, full price for a monthly subscription and then go on to lock off such basic content behind yet more payments has always convinced me I don’t want to give them my money.

Still with Champions Online successfully switching to free to play and now Star Trek Online, perhaps Cryptics change in business model and leadership will reap the rewards. I haven’t tried the free version yet (still playing swtor) but based on the beta I’d say it’s definitely worth a go and after all this time, I assume the game has received quite a bit of polish and  content to keep players more engaged.