Once upon a time I tried Dwarf Fortress, a complex ASCII based strategy game, basically you were given a few dwarves, some supplies and got to pick a place in a randomly generated world to set up camp. From there you mined into the mountain to build your hold, then you dug deeper, and deeper, built furniture, brewed beer, armed your soldiers and kitted out your miners with upgraded tools, traded with passing caravans and….well, I dunno, I never got that far.

See Dwarf Fortress while brilliant in concept, was a real pig to figure out and with its 2d/3d world made up of a vast array of text symbols, it was difficult to understand, even if you did figure out the controls and mechanics. It still has a hardcore following but I’m afraid as much as I thought it was great, what I really wished for is a mouse driven version with better graphics…or at least more friendly graphics.

Along comes Paradox, announcing “A Game of Dwarves“, which seems to take all the coolness of its aforementioned inspiration and does exactly what I wished for with the graphics and controls. There is also a trailer here.

It looks suitably quirky and hopefully has as much depth as what it tries to imitate. Paradox is not a developer I am particularly familiar with, they seem to have a decent sized catalogue of games I’ve never played but I do know their most recent game Sword Of The Stars 2 (which I was considering buying pre-release) was received with some pretty dismal reviews as unfinished, broken and buggy. Hopefully this game will not continue that trend, because I’m pretty keen to try it out!