Double Fine productions seems to have stumbled upon a similar “does not compute” scenario for publishers, Just as Mojang/Notch managed to sell Minecraft without ever getting any significant advertising, Double Fine appear to have secured funding and sales to customers before they even started making their next game.

Using a site called Kickstarter, intended as a platform to announce and collect donations for small projects seeking investors, Double Fine put up an ad asking for donations to help them fund their next point & click adventure game. Originally setting a goal of $400,000 over a month. However Double Fine were told that was too big a sum of money to raise.

In less than a day the current donations total over $1.1 million, clear evidence that either people like this developer very much or that there is a significant market for point & click adventure games that has gone untapped for a decade. Donations promise various rewards based on the amount sent, from receiving the game via steam for free (yeah technically they already paid for it) to having Dinner with the chiefs and getting a personal studio tour.

The additional funds will be used to add more features to the initially modest adventure game project, including voice overs, sound track, languages and possible multi platform support. I’m not saying all games should be doing this but it’s definitely an eye opener for small developers, who might explore this player/investor method of funding their games.