Couple of tasty morsels today for your perusal!

First up we have a Borderlands 2 trailer, showing off 96.5% more Wub Wub! Borderlands was a pretty neat game, have to say I was late to trying it due to my old and busted pc but I did get to play it later on and it was a big surprise how cool it was. Imagine Diablo as a fps with a comic book art style, set on a sci-fi world with randomized loot, re-spawning enemies and a series of quests you can do taking you into dungeon like places. There were 4 playable character classes and they each had their own talents and abilities you could unlock while looting better guns and shields to repeat the process….trust me, its way better than I just made it sound.

It’s actually a lot like Rage only the gameplay is better. So I imagine Borderlands 2 will be pretty epic.

Last but not least, Mechwarrior Tactics is a thing! There is going to be a mechwarrior turn based , tactical combat, free to play mmo this year. A new website teasing the project allows players to register their pilot name along with no doubt their interest in some kind of newsletter whenever they start doing those. Seems mechwarrior is getting a bit of a revival of late, what with this and the arena style, realtime version being made by piranha games in the works too. Big stompy mechs…awesome!