So I have been watching quite a few US tv series lately, I think they’re all really great and by extension, that means you should too. On the off-chance that you haven’t heard of any of them or that you would like some of their greatness to rub off on you, I thought I’d let ya know what they are.


Walking Dead Series 2: It’s a tv show based on some comic book series I never heard of, a group of survivors after a zombiepocalypse happens go through various struggles while killing lots of zombies. Ok this may be a hard sell lately with so many zombie themed video games and a not too shabby series of zombie movies to experience, however the stories in the show and the characters are very engaging and the budget is good enough to sell the quality of the setting. The second series is about to finish and at twice as many episodes as the first series, it still manages to be not long enough! A violent show but fairly tame on the sex side.

Spartacus series 3: This series is in its third instalment after taking a minibreak while its main star sadly succumbed to Lymphoma after the end of the first. The second series “gods of the arena” was a flashback, using some of the same actors and showing the story of a gladiator who won his freedom. The third series, resumes the story from the first, with a new lead actor playing the role of Spartacus, but don’t let that put you off, he’s doing a fine job. This series features a lot of nudity and sex aswell as some horrific violence, so if you’re afraid of penis or gore, don’t watch this.

Clone Wars Series 4:  Still doing well in its fourth series, at the beginning of series three, things seemed to take a slightly darker, less “good guys always win” approach but sadly they didn’t stick with that and to the end of that series things lightened up. The fourth series treads more middle ground, showing a bit more evil while never quite letting the bad guys succeed. I like it best when it focuses less on Anakin and Ashoka but that’s just me. This series is light on visible violence and most death happens off-screen, no gore or sex.

Fringe Series 4: Sadly it seems this series may be over soon, it’s up in the air if a fifth series will happen however I personally find the twisting, multi layered worlds and plots intriguing. It is a lot like X-files, without the ridiculous sceptic who is proved wrong every episode unyet remains skeptic at the beginning of each new one. Be warned, because of the complexity of the plot, it’s not so easy to just pick up mid-season, there are many worlds overlapping using the same characters and this might be confusing for newcomers. if you’re gonna watch this, I recommend starting from the beginning. Some gore but nothing too graphic, no sex.

Game of Thrones Series 2: ok….I admit, this hasn’t started yet, but after the first series, you have to watch this. Plenty of graphic violence, gore and sex.