So remember I mentioned a teaser page a few weeks ago for Baulders Gate? Well since then the developer host of said page Beamdog, have announced their intention to release an enhanced edition of the famous Baulders Gate 1 & 2. They have also just noted from the above screenshot that the enhanced editions will work on the ipad (that’s right, the pc screen you can put your grubby, filthy paws all over and then squint through!).

Anyway in other comments during the past couple of weeks there was also talk of the ultimate goal being to develop and release Baulders Gate 3, a completely new product sequel made by Beamdog which includes some of the original developers on the Baulders Gate games (the tea lady maybe).

This all seems jolly good, I did love the Baulders Gate series, and also enjoyed Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment, all made using the same engine by the same original developer Black isle. Honestly, I felt Planescape Torment was the better game from all of them with its superior music and story telling, however Baulders Gate seems to be more mainstream (if that’s possible in old school pc game conversions of D&D pen and paper rpg games).

The main thing i recall about the party system in Baulders Gate was that if you didn’t make a tank character you were either destined to be led by an npc party member who would have most of the conversations for you or you would forever be the dead one at the brunt of all combat after conversations. Since being a mage and trying to soak up damage from whatever bad guy deemed you worthy of conversation before lopping your head off, would target the party leader first, which was always whoever was at the front and giving the conversation replies. Fine if you’re capable of taking a few hits, not fine if you’re the robe wearing +4 AC class that needs a cast time but has the charm.

Other than that niggle, I loved em!