So Destructoid has a quick teaser of one of the city locations for CCPs in development Vampire rpg, World of Darkness, based on White Wolf rpg pen & paper games. The game has had an uncertain future of late with layoffs at CCP but it appears to still be in development.

The general premise includes a permadeath mechanic aswell as some social gameplay mechanics between the various vampire clans. The game will take place at night across various modern-day cities (night because they don’t sparkle in daylight, they go whoosh up in flames see.) Presumably this means we won’t see cities have a day/night cycle as only being able to go outside during select hours of gameplay would be rubbish.

As to the trailer, I love how dark and moody the city looks, obviously strong usage of light and shadow is key to pulling that off and equally the music of the trailer works perfectly to keep the theme sinister.