THQ have released a statement backtracking on their intent to make Dark Millenium Online a massive multiplayer game. For many years this game has had little talked about it, although still I have been quietly hopeful it would fulfill my future mmo and warhammer 40k needs.

Today it seems with THQ struggling financially, after a series of epically bad investments, on products nobody gave a toss about, they are now fighting to survive as a publisher. Considering my current view on publishers strangling the industry with their “must be fps or get out” mentality, THQ wasn’t actually one of the publishers I had particular ire for.

So now not only will Dark Millenium Online just be some sort of Single/Multiplayer game but that also came with laying off a huge portion of the dev team at Vigil and several at Relic. Troubled games never seem to release great, so even though this feels like I was promised a huge tasty pie and now instead I’m just getting a slice, I’m not hopeful it will even be tasty.