Aliens Colonial Marines & Gearbox Software are poking the proverbial bear this week, putting out previews, screenshots and interviews to various gaming news sites on its aforementioned first person shooter game. Among the articles are talk of multiplayer Marines vs Alien teams, A storyline officially integrated into the Aliens Universe (another words if make-believe was real…this story would be officialy offical and real too) and some new screenshots to gawk at.


There is also talk of yet another kickstarter project, this time, to make a new Shadowrun game, I could try to explain it but having never played any of the previous games I’d probably just screw it up. Instead, just go visit the page and watch his pitch.

Their goal of $400k seems to be pretty close with plenty of time left to collect money for coffee and cookies during dev meetings. So If I’ve never played one of these games why am I mentioning it? I dunno, guess I’m getting sucked into the romantic idea that gamers can fund game development and actually have a say in the variety of our video games, since it’s evident no publisher is going to give us what we want, unless that happens to be more call of duty….