Cyanide, makers of fantasy football games Chaos league and then Blood Bowl, have announced Dungeonbowl! Originally a tabletop expansion to Games Workshops Blood Bowl, set in a dungeon environment in an alternate Warhammer world, where you take the rules of blood bowl and add some dungeon elements to spice things up, such as spike pitfalls and exploding chests.

Apparently it will be Online Only, which is a shame as I really never bothered going online with Blood Bowl, despite enjoying some AI matches. Other than that, not much else is known at this time, the fact its online only suggests they will have some kind of cash shop element, they have to monetize it somehow after all.

I actually remember buying the boxed tabletop version of Dungeonbowl many years ago, unfortunately I was stupid and didn’t know it was an expansion and not a stand alone product….took it home and since I never had the original Blood Bowl, couldn’t play it!