Is a thing that’s coming soon! Those plucky, talented guys at Relic (whats left of them sadly) are releasing a sequel to their award-winning super strategy strategic ww2 real-time strategy game. The first game was jolly good, even for me, and I was rubbish at it and had to play the campaign on easy and still sucked at it.

It was the original new concept for their strategy games with destructible scenery, fire arcs, cover system and vehicle damage locations. It was actually pretty awesome and while I loved Dawn of War 2 which came after, it didn’t work quite as well mechanically, probably because of the whole melee addition messing up a finely balanced combat system.

Not much else to talk about other than CoH2 will be on a new version of their Essence Engine and that from the screenshot above, there will be snow, so I imagine Russia is in there somewhere.