Here is the launch trailer for Max Payne 3. If you’re thinking, who, wha? Then that’s a fair question, because it’s been quite a while since Max Payne has shown his face in a new video game. Max Payne 1 & 2 were some of the original games to implement bullet time slow motion which back then was quite a different thing. They were dark, moody and depressing, except you also got to have tons of fun shooting people in slow motion while making epic quips about pills easing the “payne” whenever you healed up with painkillers.

You play the role of Max Payne, an ex cop (see previous games) who is hired to bodyguard a trophy wife in Sao Paulo, Brazil, quite a change of scene from the first two games which took place in New York. You also sport a fine beard which was apparently on your head at some point but it slipped, hence why you are now bald. Or….maybe you just shaved it off, but that is far less amusing. Anyway you do a bad job it seems because the trophy wife gets kidnapped (maybe you were having an off day).  Drug lords, criminal gangs, secret police and all that feature as you cut a bloody swathe of bullet time slow motion gun fights through Sao Paulo in your determination to get her back.

There is also a multiplayer thing, it’ll be something they put in because some marketing fool said it was important for sales but nobody will play it after 6 months. Still if you like multiplayer and you feel games have to have it squeezed in no matter what then it’s there.

I’ll be getting it for PC (naturally!) you should too if you like shooting things when baldy.